why do i blog…..

generic point of view

mainly it stems from a compulsive urge to write, sometimes. the recent Mumbai deluge saw me lose my computer amongst other things. i was a ground floor resident, then. and with it, a lot of my writings for myself….as usual, i had not transferred it to cds…..there is a thrill in flowing out……as one watches […]

generic humour

on this dussehra, wonder what ravan ( the 10-headed one) used to do with his headaches, if he had any ! ! i miss attn to such detail in mythology..daily truths….like whether krishna used to shave and if he did, with what? were the kauravas a test-tube or rather earthen-pot baby experiment gone awry!!!! repeat […]

The Oneness University…

generic point of view

I have been often asked in what way the teachings of the various masters are different or varied…they sound similar most of the time.My understanding is thus….Concepts abound in the universe. As many people, so many concepts.Some may appeal to us, some don’t….We naturally find a comfort zone in different concepts, dependant on so many […]


generic insights

Sometimes, time-tested and elementary life parameters we have inherited do not make sense to us. But then, so do a lot of contemporary parameters. Ritual has always been a part of life and would continue to be so. It is only the “content” of rituals that change. Closer observation shows that we have always been […]