experiences gratitude

Had varied and diverse experiences with the Avataras who have been such an awesome source of Grace in my life. In early days, satyaloka, Amma cooked for the process participants; volunteers used to assist her. On innumerable occasions, I used to carry the food trolley out to serve the participants.It normally was very simple food, […]

Grace flows…

experiences personal Worship

In one of my earliest encounters with Sri Bhagavan in erstwhile Satyaloka, I was attending a process in the Mukti Mandap. Bhagavan , in those days used to be sitting in an adjacent room on a rocking chair, physically following up on the progress of the participants. As the process was underway, a close friend […]

Bhagavan in our lives…

experiences gratitude

The loftiness of the Oneness processes and teachings and the dynamic presence of Grace in our lives re-inforces itself time and again through the events we come across.I was privileged to witness such an event in the lives of our oneness family members yesterday.The Kulkarnis – Ravindra and Swati and their children , Gauri and […]