the elderly…

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The condition of the elderly is a matter of great concern..Sometimes, one feels some are just biding their time until the inevitable..and these are people who have been great contributors to the various hues of real roles to play in increasingly nuclear situations…the human need to feel needed missing from their lives…yet another social […]

The need for wellness….

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A contemporary global icon in training had rightly said, State is more important than skills for success. How often we tend to forget this…we spend all our energies in cultivating, developing and enhancing our skills base.But the state at which we operate remains dismal. Thus we have IIT/IIM students with severe emotional problems; we have […]

Survival instinct…

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Our survival instincts can be biological or psychological.Biological is real while psychological is illusionary. More often than not, we try to protect or defend that which does not really exist.We would like to protect our psychological selves, our worlds of make-believe tenaciously. And in this process , we may actually do damage to who we […]