it was July 1981. The 25th of july saw me losing my father, an event out of the blue which sent me, a lone child into a tizzy. the event hardly had sunk in when I had to start a new life. I had just completed my class 10 and moved into the freer world […]


insights relationships

In the words of Sri Bhagavan, life is relationships and healing our lives of various afflictions is centred on healing the various relationships in our lives with people and things. Acceptance of the other just as he or she is, is teh key to the setting right of relationships. We constantly seek to change the […]

the need to feel needed…

insights relationships

Relationships are critical schools for enlightenment.They enable us to understand ourselves and to grow. Our abilities to relate to those in our lives depends on our understanding of ourselves; our needs born in our fears, our insecurities, our vulnerabilities and so on. We “need” to feel “needed”….and in my opinion, mistake a projection of this […]