Bhagavan webcast transcript

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Dear Ones, Please see the transcript below kindly posted by Noni Kaufman. Love, Maria Darshan with Sri Bhagavan hosted by Brazil for Latin American Countries March 29, 2014 Video Link not provided due to poor quality of sound transmission. Transcript: Antônio Murr Review and Editing: Vivian Beuttemmüller Senra and Devam Bhaskar Introduction – Bhaskarji(Brasil):Bhagwan, we […]

Bhagavan in our lives…

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The loftiness of the Oneness processes and teachings and the dynamic presence of Grace in our lives re-inforces itself time and again through the events we come across.I was privileged to witness such an event in the lives of our oneness family members yesterday.The Kulkarnis – Ravindra and Swati and their children , Gauri and […]

The Art Of Suffering

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Bhagavan has always said that what we call suffering is actually running away from suffering.Generally , when an event happens , our focus is on the content or the person.We blame someone, we justify the event etc.We go to teh past this way. Alternately, we project a solution – move into the future.Healing is a […]



July 7 is Guru Pournima. Each time I remember my Master and how much I have got from Him, I feel overwhelmed.Every cell, every pore of my body is touched by His grace.Thank You for being there , AB.Thank You for enbling my journey thus far.