prisoners of blueprints – a repost

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Many years back , i lost a very close friend to a gruesome murder. While the incident by itself was traumatic, it was qualified by an added dimension… those days, i used to be randomly intuitive and sometimes just predict…typical college level past-time..for me , it was not an acquired skill just had randomly […]

Psychological Lust…

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Sexual Lust is an issue that characterizes all our lives and makes us miserable more often than not due to our abject helplessness while in it’s throes. It is important to understand the story behind it. Biological lust is a phenomenon in nature for procreation.It is especially induced when a species is threatened, as as […]

What actually manifests?

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There is a project we are passionately pitching for.The poise and confidence is obvious outside. But , the inner reality is very different…it is anxious, full of apprehension and fear and what not.Somewhere deep down, there is a feeling that it may not happen. This inner state is our actual reality, not what is being […]