Nisargadatta quotes

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Nisargadatta Maharaj: 1) The ‘I am’ came first, it’s ever present, ever available, refuse all thoughts except ‘I am’, stay there. 2) Just stay put firmly and establish yourself in the ‘I am’, reject all that does not go with ‘I am’. 3) Consistently and with perseverance separate the ‘I am’ from ‘this’ or ‘that’, […]


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M.: Sleep is not ignorance; it is your pure state. Wakefulness is not knowledge; it is ignorance. There is full awareness in sleep; there is total ignorance in waking. Your real nature covers both, and extends beyond. The Self is beyond knowledge and ignorance. Sleep, dream and waking are only modes passing before the Self. […]

Survival instinct…

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Our survival instincts can be biological or psychological.Biological is real while psychological is illusionary. More often than not, we try to protect or defend that which does not really exist.We would like to protect our psychological selves, our worlds of make-believe tenaciously. And in this process , we may actually do damage to who we […]

prisoners of blueprints – a repost

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Many years back , i lost a very close friend to a gruesome murder. While the incident by itself was traumatic, it was qualified by an added dimension… those days, i used to be randomly intuitive and sometimes just predict…typical college level past-time..for me , it was not an acquired skill just had randomly […]