CSR- Perspectives in an emerging India..

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CSR entails both internal and external opportunities for a corporate. Both these aspects contribute to the brand identity of a corporate. It is a critical dimension of the personality of a corporate and its’ leadership. CSR dovetails community perspectives to a large extent and is in a transition between 3rd and 4th dimensions on the […]

bhakti rasa…

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was listening to an old Jagjit favourite from cry for CRY. was privileged to be a part of the production team on behalf of CRY…the lyrics and melody seem to grow on one… Mujhme jo bhi achha hai sab uska hai,Mera Jitna Charcha Hai sab uska hai.. Meri aankhen unki noor se roushan haimaine jo […]

Date Rapes : an increasing phenomenon…

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Navratri is shortly arriving, a widely celebrated festival in recent times.Alcohol and drug abuse have seen a growth too leading to extensive abuses and violations. A common phenomenon in the last couple of years has been the marked increase of “date rapes” where odourless and colourless additives are added to hard or soft drinks.These chemicals […]