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Individual transformation is world transformation. All of us think of changing the world around us. Sri Bhagavan reminds us that change , if any, has to only occur within ourselves. In a beautiful event at the BSE convention hall in Mumbai, yesterday, various people shared their awakening through the Oneness process. Yes, we are on […]

Temple of Oneness

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April 22, 2008 will be a much remembered date in the history of the world.The ONENESS TEMPLE , a one of a kind secular facility for all of humanity is getting consecrated in South India. About 5 million people including the likes of Anthony Robbins, Anna Hazare, Indu Jain, Rick Allen, Manisha Koirala, Priya Dutt, […]

Abundant wishes….

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Traditionally, the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated over a period of five days. Each one of the five days has its unique connotation, ceremonies and legends associated. What is Dhanteras? The every first day of Diwali celebrations is Dhanteras. The festival of Dhanteras is also referred to as Dhantryaodashi. Dhanteras marks the beginning of […]