Asato ma SatgamayaTamasoma JyotirgamayaMrityorma Amritamgamaya… from untruth, lead me to truth,Form darkness to lightand from death to immortality……. – ancient Indian prayer

prayer Worship

Prayers and wishes for learning in life to all of you. Happy Saraswati Pooja! Happy Dassera!!!! This is a picture of teh traditional Devi installed at home.It is made on coconut and plastered with turmeric and sandal paste.Thanks to my friend, Manoj Chellapan who made this .

redefining terror

point of view prayer

I believe each of us in india and maybe elsewhere today has a challenge – to rise above reactive pettiness or to transcend into relams of real healing and peace creation. India is a concept , an idea that represents amongst the highest ideals of co-existence and acceptance. I am proud of being born into […]

Grace …

gratitude prayer

Recently had an occasion to experience live GRACE …. last week, was on my way from thane to chembur in a rick which was travelling at breakneck speed on the eastern express highway. a car suddenly cut across from the right and hit our rick.The driver and his asst ( sometimes 2 guys sit in […]