insights point of view

i see the word “meditation” being used quite often by people. for me, it has been the subject of much explore, as I could never observe a consistency in associations with its usage. liberation has been a fundamental projected goal for mankind from time immemorial.various addressals of this have enabled the creation of various strategies […]

why do i blog…..

generic point of view

mainly it stems from a compulsive urge to write, sometimes. the recent Mumbai deluge saw me lose my computer amongst other things. i was a ground floor resident, then. and with it, a lot of my writings for myself….as usual, i had not transferred it to cds…..there is a thrill in flowing out……as one watches […]

The Oneness University…

generic point of view

I have been often asked in what way the teachings of the various masters are different or varied…they sound similar most of the time.My understanding is thus….Concepts abound in the universe. As many people, so many concepts.Some may appeal to us, some don’t….We naturally find a comfort zone in different concepts, dependant on so many […]