Have a 25 year+ footprint guiding and catalyzing people’s life journeys through challenges and opportunities. Every challenge is an opportunity for a leap in faith, a leap in consciousness.

Provide professional support to individuals across demographic profiles and across situations to get into breakthroughs from severe breakdowns through elementary spiritual principles that I have been privileged to learn and receive through my master/s.

Just a professional friend walking with you on your journey or a part of it , should you feel a need for it.

You are welcome to connect.

For the elderly…

The situation of the elderly everywhere leaves much to be desired. Conventional roles have got eroded and they are becoming increasingly irrelevant in society driven by functionality and usefulness.

One increasingly hears of horror stories of insensitivity and abuse , day in and day out.

There is a need to address and respond to this situation sensitively.

As a spiritual life coach and counselor, I do interact with this section frequently. The spiritual technology of real listening as against hearing is very effective in empowering and supporting them. Unconditionality in interaction is the key here.

Am available for private sessions and also available to professionally strategize / mentor services for them through institutions and groups.

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