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Experience/Credentials | kanakdhara.net



  • I have worked in various positions at CRY – Child Relief and You for a period of about 5 years. I joined CRY in 1989 when there were only about 8-10 members in the organization. My stint at CRY was the period of transition when CRY transformed into a professional development organization. I was one of the key members of the management team facilitating this transition. I worked in various capacities with CRY, setting up the youth wing for them, handling special events, mobilizing resources with various stake holders and with a variety of resources as also with a shelved programme, the Multi Assistance Resource Centre. In all my assignments, I was reporting directly to the President. During my tenure, CRY saw its transition from a welfare agency to a development agency, incorporating various creative facets of developmental initiatives with a sustainable face. One of my greatest personal contributions to the development sector has been the re-positioning of “awareness” issues as core functionality rather than as an incidental “accessory” activity. I also handled the comprehensive resource mobilization initiatives of CRY for the Western Region. My stint saw the utilization of events’ modules, cause related marketing initiatives, dedicated social-corporate partnership initiatives as well as identification of resource bases such as the youth. The retail segment also saw a new impetus during my stint. We prided in selling the “concept” of CRY which has been a pioneering concept.
  •  At the time of my last full-time assignment with CRY, I was enabling the raising of INR 4 Crores, net of marketing and other expenses and overseeing the functioning of a 30 member team. Corporate Partnerships, Individual Partnerships, Mail Schemes, Product Planning, production and distribution logistics, collections, design and implementation of specific schemes for public participation as well as overall Brand building initiatives were part of my function. I was part of the policy development team at CRY and have participated in the creation of the mission statement. As is known in the sector, CRY helps projects in more ways than just financial. I have thus participated in organization development of partner agencies, social marketing strategies, human resource development and the like.
  • I have been Civilian Area Commander of Dharavi – Behrampada (Bombay’s most sensitive area during the communal riots and it’s aftermath) to facilitate crisis management and volunteer deployment. This assignment was on behalf of the State Government and I was deployed through CRY. We had set up a 24 hour helpline amongst other initiatives. Similarly, I have been accessed for my services during the Latur earthquake for development of the various welfare and development programmes, more on issues of long term rehabilitation. Here, I am used generally as an orienter and a trainer for trainers. Since, I do come with a holistic background in development, the access has been need based.



Experience as a consultant: (am listing some key aspects/projects)


  • Am seen as a pioneer in custom-designing CSR initiatives for direct project support through innovative partnership strategizing and development. Creating a link to brand identities was an essential part of this enterprise. Also, CSR initiatives policy development, employee participation and creating win win situations for projects as well as brand identity making the project support a sustainable enterprise was part of these processes.
  • I am accessed by various NGOs and similar bodies on a variety of assignments. I have also conducted lectures and training sessions in TISS, Rambhau Mhalgi Pratishthan, The Institute for Gandhian Thought(SCI), CRY, Lions and Rotary Clubs and their wings, The Citizen’s Council for a Better Tomorrow, Merchant Chamber facilities, other NGOs and a few corporate bodies in aspects of the above. Faculty members also access me on a personal basis for such workshops.


  • I also work on workshops for underprivileged sections on aspects of rural management techniques, quality control and marketing orientations for rural producers, project development and planning, creative workshops for the development of under-privileged women and children( based on the Paulo Freirian approach), development of socio-commercial projects and so on. Notable NGOs in this sector are various NGOS which receive support form CRY and The Academy of Development Sciences, Karjat, a trauma care hospital in Coimbatore, a hospice volunteering project in Mumbai and others. I have also helped a few hospital projects in various aspects of their planning and “sensitization” in management.


  • Have conducted training programmes in use of IT and allied technologies in rural development missions of government and partner NGOs.


  • I have helped develop the fundamental business model note for various organizations including CRY and IndianNGOs.com.


  • I have commercially mounted events for various organizations and worked with leading artistes. This experience is multi-faceted on the conceptualization, planning, production and marketing sides. It encompasses the general management of an event including electronic and print media management.


  • Have concluded a successful event for a global NGO launch (Oct 2, 2005) at the J W Marriot in Mumbai. Pledges worth over INR 40 Lac were generated at the event for the cause of housing for the homeless in India.


  • Presently assisting The National Society for Equal Opportunities for The Handicapped on various fronts including Social Marketing and Sustainable Project Development. Innovative models in BPO sectors – both services and manufacture are created here.


  • Also involved in developing a socio-commercial model in a profit centre mode interfacing with ngo sections in an outsourcing of production and packaging services.


  • Playing a consultancy role in development and social marketing paradigms for a reputed training organization involving global trainers and experts in innovative human resources management.


  • Seed Mentored an innovative B School initiative for management training for the NGO sector.

CSR Credentials:


My CSR credentials are always as the lead in any programme, be it as programmes / marketing head or as a consultant. I am mentioning a few here.


Can arguably be credited with India’s very first CSR initiative during my tenure in CRY nearly 2 decades back. Coca Cola was re-launching in India and I strategized a Cause Related marketing campaign for them where part proceeds from sale of every bottle went towards supporting a child’s education.


Devised custom projects for BPCL and HPCL during my CRY tenure.


Developed specific theme based products for British Airways, Reliance Industries and Standard Chartered in a child cause related initiative.


Art For CRY was an ISR (Individual Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative bringing in niche stake holders which also included corporates.



As a consultant, I moderated a programme for NDTV profit for the World Disabled Day Celebrations. The design as well as strategy was co-ordinated by me and well known leaders of the BPO sector participated in this interactive with representatives from the differently abled fraternity. Policy changes as well as a few actual projects emerged out of this. A regular feedline with a backup training module for people from the differently abled sector to qualify for BPO jobs emerged from it. Various data entry projects have sustained to date as well as BPO feedlines. Even the mentally challenged found suitable vocation in mechanical chores like vegetable cutting.


Did a project with Indian Airlines and Jet Airways for supply of napkins tailored at NGOs. The same tailoring units have also done innumerable uniform contracts.


Nursery services of NGOs are today the official service providers for leading corporates and hospitality majors. Played a key role in strategizing and executing it through NASEOH.


Have regularly conducted interface workshops for senior management / CEOs etc with the under-privileged fraternity for sensitization, orientation and even integrated the same into their MDP exercises.


Have designed dignity building exercises for senior citizen facilities by training them for hospice and municipal support services.


Have custom designed project support modules for celebrities, both from corporate and glamour diaspora.


Note: The project values may vary from a couple of lakhs up to a few crores in the case of sustained initiatives.


I also work extensively on culture and wellness dimensions, aspects of which I have brought into internal CSR. These include wellness events – have been an active proponent of including personal wellness as part of employee and organizational KRAs.


Culture workshops, Volunteering and other creative initiatives are initiatives that can be comfortably dove-tailed with HR and employee enrichment initiatives. I have some really interesting projects on this side which I have successfully implemented.


Media Credentials:


  • Bal Sawaal for CRY – Child Relief & You involving 26 artistes( like Ustad Allah Rakha, Ustad Zakir Hussain,U.Sriniwas, Pankaj Udhas,Ranjit Barot, Madhavi Mudgal, Penny Vaz,Leela Samson, Louis Banks) and performed over 3 locations in Mumbai.
  • Was one of the key organizers for ART for CRY – an exhibition and auction of paintings involving over a 100 artistes at The Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • Concert Under The Stars – a fund raiser for CRY featuring Ustad Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia, Rattan Mohan Sharma and others.
  • Co-ordinated concept development and logistics for a special album, CRY for CRY with Jagjit Singh and HMV.



  • Sangeet Mahotsav’96Rang Bhavan – for UDAYAN featuring Louis Banks and Silk, Ranjit Barot and Bodhisatva,Zakir Hussain’s Rhythm Ensemble, Dr.Balmuralikrishna and Bhimsen Joshi.
  • SILK show at Coimbatore featuring over 4000 audience.
  • Was involved in concept development and production co-ordination of commissioned TV serial “UTSAV” on classical music featuring Pandit Jasraj, Pt., Shivkumar Sharma and Ustad Zakir Hussain as the hosts for STAR TV. Slated for release under prime slot. This serial has some of India’s best known musicians and cultural ambassadors performing in it.
  • Have organized Children’s Creative workshops under own banner for under-privileged as well as well privileged cross-sections at farm locations as well as in Horniman Circle Gardens.
  • Was involved in artistes’ co-ordination and sound-track preparations for the Kargil memorial football match between cine stars and cricketers at New Delhi. Track creation involved artistes such as A.R.Rahman, Shankar Mahadevan, Kavita Krishnamurthy and others.
  • Have been involved in the concept development of albums, Gayatri Mantra and Navkaar Mantra and also scripted the commentaries for them. Both of them are Times Music releases.
  • Have been involved in the concept and master production of album, Moola Mantra, featuring Rattan Mohan Sharma and Shiv Mahima, featuring Pandit Jasraj.
  • Was involved in concept development and theme creation as well as artistes’ co-ordination for SAF Games Inaugural Ceremony at Kathmandu.
  • Event Co-ordination for Victoria Memorial School for the Blind featuring artistes such as Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia, Malavika Sarukkai and Veena Sahasrabuddhe.
  • Celebrity/Artiste Management/Promotional services for Pandit Jasraj, Sivamani and Shankar Mahadevan.
  • Artistes’ Co-ordination for Bharat Cultural Integration Committee televised programmes featuring audiences of over 40,000 people at various locations.
  • Developed content and designed brochures for artistes such as Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani, Taufiq Qureshi, Geetika Varde Qureshi and others.
  • Have penned 2 books and innumerable articles including exclusive interviews with legendary musicians and celebrities.
  • Organization of a play “Hadd Kardi Aapne.” for BPCL Trombay Executive Club..Audience of 1000 people.
  • Have recently concluded a highly successful event, indiaBUILDS for an NGO, Habitat for Humanity at The J W Marriot in Mumbai on October 2, 2005.
  • Am accessed as an ideator, concept developer and implementer for various custom design events by leading agencies/business houses.Some of these assignments included the development of specific media properties aimed at HNI and other niche sections of society. These range from exclusive events to pub – hoppers to rustic outings to cook-outs, staff recreational enablers and the like and invariably tap into the amazing resources potential of the Indian cultural paradigm. It also encompasses image/brand identity development and brand building
  • Concluded a unique celebrity/event management exercise at The Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City for a corporate event involving top fund managers of the country. The event had an electronic dimension with a global webcast.
  • Enabled the co-ordination and conduction of a corporate event for a leading NGO on the occasion of The International Day of the Disabled.
  • Also part of a key team mounting a global event for the inauguration of a socio-spiritual facility off Chennai involving over 10 lakh guests from 160 countries in April 2008.
  • Mounted a highly successful Shankar Ehsaan Loy show at Lagos in Feb 2011.
  • Recently completed penning memoirs of a leading Indian business family.
  • Currently assisting in promotion of a global enterprise media solution, LoYakk in the Indian market.

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