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Have you noticed that fear only occurs before an event , never during. One is afraid of crossing the road, but once one starts, one just moves across.

Fear can paralyze us into withdrawal and inaction. The fear of failure, the fear of being rejected, the fear of losing and so many.Fear is intrinsic to the psychological self, events only enable it’s surfacing. Staying with the discomfort of fear itself, not focussing on the supposed content which created it , is a sure shot way of transcending the same.The content is actually irrelevant to the process of liberating oneself from the fear.

And what manifests in the outside world is what is happening inside. We may have all the skills needed to clear a job interview, but if are anchored in fear within and unaware of it, it is the fear which will manifest outside as our rejection.The outer words do not matter at all, it is the inner state which carries the energy of manifest.

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