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Love is common bandied word…and much abused…. a lot of us can’t differentiate between “love” and “like”.

An attempt to put my thoughts in perspective here….

Love, more often than not, in our colloquial lives is associated with a specific activity or a set of activities as in marriage, sex , filial love etc…It is as if love can manifest itself only in these activities conducted in a particular form.

I beg to differ.

I do not see love as an activity or a set of activities. I rather perceive it as a primal and fundamental state of being which can manifest itself in any activity that we choose to pursue. It is not activity dependent. It is a standalone state. One can stand alone and be in a state of love, one can be part of a crowd and be in a state of love. One can express love in a physical connect, the absence of such a connect can also manifest love.

Love, to me is state of total acceptance in non-judgement. We still retain our preferences and our choices, we like certain events, we dislike others…..but we are in a state of love.
Thus, we may like to be with a person, share physical, mental or spiritual space with them, but we need not be in a state of love. Love is not a person specific state. We may be in a state of love and still like to spend some special space with a particular person. It can be very enriching but it is not the person or the activity on which the state of love depends. It stands on its own irrespective of circumstances and events.

It is like a river of emotion, a fullness of flow in all we do….we sing in a fullness, we paint in a fullness, we wash our bodies in love, we eat in love..just about every act gets flooded with the feeling, the overwhelming fountainhead within. Needless to add, it manifests in all our relationships….in the way we talk to each other, in the way we make love physically and emotionally and so….

When people are in such a state, they are very joyous and highly energetic. When they are in joy, they can only spread joy in all their functional realms. Their state is akin to a rose with its’ fragrance. The fragrance does not spread out of any effort; it is a natural happening. Similarly, every aspect of our lives becomes an outpouring of love, of joy. There is a fullness to every experience and every moment. And every interaction, every functional expression of ours expresses the energy vividly. Happier relationships, happier homes and happier societies are the natural outcomes….

And a string of such moments creates our life- a veritable poetry in motion…..

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