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The status of the elderly in today’s society is pathetic. The need to feel needed is an important human need for a dignified life and they are becoming increasingly irrelevant in this context. I see this as an increasing kind of abuse where an entire class of people is becoming irrelevant. Their conventional social roles have got eroded and they are more often than not, like pieces of furniture, sometimes taken care of, in the context of their physical needs well. Agree that is very important, but it is an important thing to be part of an active social conversation, not merely as showpieces to be brought out during significant events and showcased as blessing givers.
Most of the elderly one comes across have a vacant, lost look of a person condemned. They are just waiting for the inevitable. We live in a society where our usefulness determines our dignity. It is really sad that the elderly strive to make themselves relevant and useful in order to attract respect and dignity.
WE should re=engineer this situation to create an ambiance where one is led into a joyful period of life as one ages rather than dread the very thought. It should be a period of joy, fun, laughter and love.
All our technological leaps are meaningless if it fails to create a better life, not just a better lifestyle for people. We should be able to leverage our various functional life developments into a more dignified and meaningful existence for our elders, as for the other underprivileged.
To me, the way people live is the true index of development, not merely driver less cars and the latest in mobiles. It is not that I do not appreciate technology but I would rather see them being leveraged for the underprivileged than for the terrorists.
With an over 25-year footprint, in various aspects of the development sector, I come with a few ideas on re-engineering the cause of the elderly in creative ways. I would like to put my skills and experience as a strategist and a capacity builder to good use for them professionally.
If anyone of you shares my concern for this section of society and would like to do something, bringing in your social status, monetary or any other resources , we can connect to explore possibilities.

Thank You.

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