The need for wellness….

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A contemporary global icon in training had rightly said, State is more important than skills for success. How often we tend to forget this…we spend all our energies in cultivating, developing and enhancing our skills base.But the state at which we operate remains dismal.

Thus we have IIT/IIM students with severe emotional problems; we have successful executives having very mediocre personal lives; so on and so forth.Black-boxed and disconnected personalities managed dexterously seems to be the order of the day.These personalities are often very conflicting with each other and result miserable existence paradigms which we merely manage , never get around to solving.

And let us be very clear, we are not robots; this aspect affects everyday functionalities in our personal and professional spaces.

It is the crisis of the individual , the crisis of society at large and a time bomb waiting to explode individually and collectively anytime.A contemporary development sector futurist David Korten , rightly connects breaking families, anarchy,riots and other social phenomena to this.

Needs urgent addressal, say what?

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