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Bhagavan webcast transcript | kanakdhara.net

Bhagavan webcast transcript

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Dear Ones,

Please see the transcript below kindly posted by Noni Kaufman.


Darshan with Sri Bhagavan hosted by Brazil
for Latin American Countries
March 29, 2014

Video Link not provided due to poor quality of sound transmission.

Transcript: Antônio Murr
Review and Editing: Vivian Beuttemmüller Senra
and Devam Bhaskar

Introduction – Bhaskarji(Brasil):Bhagwan, we are 23 cities of Brazil, and 22 other cities from other countries are joining us today. There are almost 3000 people. We have the whole Latin America together, and we are so happy, Bhagavan… just because we love you… Thank you for being here with us, Bhagavan.

Q1. Beloved Dear Bhagavan, are the awakening and the increase in level of consciousness different processes? Do all awakened ones have a high level of consciousness,Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan – They are entirely different things.
Levels of awakening indicate the time duration as to how long one stays with what it is without effort. That’s what the level of awakening indicates.

The level of consciousness indicates how much your self has expanded.
Initially your self is concerned only about yourself. Then it expands to cover your relatives and friends, then your society, your country, and the world at large….the infinite, the vast… So your self keeps expanding. The level of consciousness indicates how much your self has expanded.
The two are entirely different: so, people in high levels of awakening need not necessarily be in high levels of consciousness, because they are different things.

Q2. Bhagavan,
how to recognize the true humility in our being… so that we do not fall into the illusion of false enlightenment, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan – There are all the opposites – like good and bad, right and wrong, high and low, the sacred and the unsacred. When all opposites are completely reconciled, there is true humility. (at this point the recording was not good enough…something was lost)

Q3. Beloved Bhagavan,
Sometimes we get confused about some teachings. For example: “One must accept himself as he or she is, including the negative sides”. But, at same time, “one must be a better person, with integrity, honesty and unconditional love. ” How can one reconcile with these approaches, Bhagavan? Thank youBhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan – Oneness gives teachings for inner world as well as for the external world. For the inner world the teaching is generally passive in nature and for the external world it is generally active in nature.Take for example, your tap is leaking in your home, you must be active. You must move forward, understand why it is leaking and repair that. On the other hand, if you have frustration or anger inside you because the tap is leaking, than the teaching is hold it, stay with it.
You must apply the teachings in an appropriate way.

Q4.Dear Bhagavan,
The inner integrity is a basic principle for the expansion of consciousness and you also say that it is important not giving names to the contents. How to have inner integrity without naming automatically the feelings of anger, fear, addiction, joy and so on, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan- Inner integrity comes through being, seeing, and experiencing.
Now, to eat an ice cream you do not have to know about the ice cream, who made it and what are its contents. You simply enjoy your ice cream. Similarly, to be, see, and experience what is going on, no knowledge is required and therefore no naming is required. If you simply do it, you get inner integrity.

Q5. Bhagavan,
Many of us have applied for the Seva as a Oneness Meditator… What do you expect from a Oneness Meditator, Bhagavan? And what is the role of a Oneness Meditator, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan –
We have nothing to do with the selection of the Oneness Meditator. Oneness Meditators are directly selected by the Paramatma, who becomes physical. On what bases the Paramatma selects, or why the Paramatma selects, we have no idea at all, nor can we question the Paramatma about it. We just don’t understand how the Paramatma selects.

Q6. Bhagavan,
What is the best way to recognize a path created by the Divine? Could you please explain us how can we know the difference between a hallucination and a physical interaction with the Divine, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan –
When we refer to the Divine we are not referring to the mystical divine, we are referring to the physical Divine. And you must ask the physical divine to give you proof that it is not a hallucination, and that it is real.

The Advaita and the Zen Budhism say that the straight way to illumination does not go through a relationship with the Divine… they even say that if we see Buddha during our meditation we should kill him. The new Oneness phenomenon is the approximation with our Physical Divine and the construction of our relationship with Him. Can you please clarify this apparent contradiction,Bhagavan, and explain for those of us who have come from the path of Advaita and Zen Budhism? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan – Oneness has two approaches to awakening. The “with God” approach and the “without God” approach.You could choose whatever way you want.
What Zen Budhism and Advaita are referring to are mystical images. Oneness is talking about your God who has become physical.And your physical God could rewire your brain and almost within minutes make you awaken. It is right now happening in the sacred chambers. It should soon start happening in your countries. It is up to you to choose.

Q8. Bhagavan,
What is the role of meditation to obtain a blessing or awakening, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan -In Oneness you do not meditate, meditation happens. And there is no difference between meditation and the awakened state.

Q9.Beloved Bhagavan,
Once we do not exist “as a person” and everything is a Divine manifestation through us, what is the role, if any, of what we used to consider as “personal responsibility”, Bhagavan. For example, when we hurt the other or when we lie or manipulate the other person,Bhagavan.
Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan – Trying to understand this could be intellectual speculation. Only when you get there you will know what it is. Please do not try to understand. Wait for that to happen.

Q10. Dear Bhagavan,
How could a deeksha help a schizophrenic patient, under influence and control of medication, Bhagavan? Could you, please, tell us some more about schizophrenia, in your point of view, Bhagavan? And is it possible to be healed from a state of chronic depression, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan –
What we now see happening in the sacred chambers is that schizophrenics, mental patients and mad people, are all getting healed. And it happens very, very fast.

Q11. Bhagavan,
Why do some people take up so much time in finding a great love, Bhagavan ,while for others it seems to be easy and fast? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan –
It depends on how evolved you are and your karma.

Q12. Bhagavan,
Many of us are asking about aspects of our country, Brazil, Bhagavan…
How can the relationship with our own country be healed in moments like right now, when people are unsatisfied and afraid of urban and domestic violence, violence against women, crime and corruption, Bhagavan? Thank youBhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan – These problems are the result of low levels of consciousness. Since these problems are raised from the low levels of consciousness, these low levels of consciousness cannot solve these problems. As people move into higher levels of consciousness, these problems will gradually disappear.

Q13. Bhagavan,
What are the positive effects that may happen in Brazilian collective Karma with the rituals we are doing with the intention to liberate our indigenous ancestors who have suffered on the time of Portuguese colonization, Bhagavan?
Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan – Firstly, there will be increased prosperity. And the next thing would be better relationships with the family. And finally, you will get good health. Other than that, all those problems you referred to in an earlier question will start disappearing.

Q14. Bhagavan,
We are a family and we need Your help, Bhagavan. What can we do in order to not fight with each in our community, Bhagavan, and live in oneness among us, Bhagavan? What is the responsibility of everyone to avoid that and how should we proceed as a group when it happens, Bhagavan? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan –
For this, you must understand the essence of Oneness.The essence of Oneness is not a philosophy, is not psychology, is not an ideology, a concept or a religion; it is not psychoanalysis, it is not some technique, and it is not some religion. If you want to talk about Oneness in one word, the word would be “to hold”.

Let us say your wife or your husband is causing you pain, then what Oneness says is: “something is happening inside you, please hold it.”

“To hold” you do not need philosophy, or psychology, or technique, or you do not have to read any book… Hold without reacting, hold whatever is going on inside.

As you hold, being, seeing, and experiencing automatically starts happening.
So the first thing is to hold, then being automatically starts, then seeing starts, then experiencing starts, then all else is sheer magic. This does not require knowledge, or any effort, nothing!
The content is not important. You do not have to understand the content. Just hold it. That is Oneness. And witness the sheer magic.

You could do it today, and you’ll see how the world around you changes.
To be with human beings could be mostly delightful… Your financial problems, your health problems, your relationship problems, and all other problems will slowly begin to dissolve.
Initially, you could do it for short intervals of time. But, slowly, it will become natural and rhythmic. And then starts happening all the time.

And if, after trying, you go into the sacred chambers, then your Divine will become physical to you. And thereafter, everything happens very, very fast.

All the blessings to you. Love you all so much. Love you!

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