authenticate for urself….


The whole world seeks happiness as a “collective”.Efforts abound in trying to make it happen.Each one of us has our understanding of the causes and solutions towards it.But our attempts only seem to add to the chaos and confusion.Thus, we crave for peace, but endlessly create wars and conflicts; we yearn for joy but end up being disappointed;all our projected ideals remain just that – projections of our aspirations.The reality remains familiar, yet there is a disconnect.

Can we see it differently?

We seem to be addressing the symptoms rather than the root causes.While components of the system remain as they are, we seek a change in the summation.Rearranging the parts can create a cosmetic illusion, nothing beyond.Thus, we play around with perceptions, strategies etc while the fundamentals remain the same.
And what are the fundamentals?

Man as an individual is ridden with conflicts.He is a 100 different parts himself; conflicts and confusions reign supreme within him; joy and sponstaineity are distinctly lacking.Hurts,rejection and pain qualify the core of his being.

Given such a situtaion, is he capable of contributing to healing processes of the collective, is the moot question?

Insights that occured in my life indicate otherwise.When the micro processes get healed, the macro has to respond.The seeds of change lie in the micro.And a morphogenetic quantum of micro level changes can enable a paradigm shift in the macro.Yes, the responsibility lies with each one of us.To address our conflicts, pain and hurts within…just see our states integrally, without condemnation, judgement or guilt.It is just the way we are.No justifications, no explanations.
Seeing ourselves as we are unfolds a miracle in creation.It is a “happening” , not a matter of effort.A flood of creative energies flow through us re-aligning our erroneous perceptions.
Awareness is not the means to an end, it is an end by itself.
This is not intellectual masturbation.Try it out for yourself.Authenticate it personally.
Do not try to love; it is pathetic; instead become aware of the absence of love; the death of feeling within, the unabashed abuse of people in our lives, cloaked elaborately in declarations of love and caring.
But a word of caution; it is not easy to accept ourselves as we are when we see ourselves as manipulators and abusers; insensitive to the core.This is the greatest challenge; not escaping into guilt trips,not condemning ourselves, just seeing things as they are.
Then watch the miracle of life unfold, just as it is, pristine pure and unadulterated by conditioning.

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