events, the cause of misery or misery, the cause of events…


Individually and collectively, we crib at events as they occur.We are not happy with their occurance.We question them, we question their presence.”Why is it happening to me?” is a common colloquial phrase.

Can we pause to explore?

Do events cause our misery or is it our inner misery which reflects as events outside?

Are events a platform of expression of our inner states?

My explore has shown me that it is indeed true.We strive for changes in the world of manifestations when our focus should be on the platform of conception.The “manifestation” of events is a “happening” which depends on intent as well as effort.We put in a lot of efforts without much focus on the intent and its emergence.The intenet is a critical energizer to efforts and is in itself dependent on a host of things, some visible , others not.

As we go deeper within ourselves, we become aware of layers upon layers and layers of our conditionings and mental formations.Each of these layers facilitates emergence of events in our lives.And as we beocme aware, we are released of the conditionings; until we experience a total liberation from the mind and its contents.and just experience and live life; bereft of the filters.

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