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Sometimes, time-tested and elementary life parameters we have inherited do not make sense to us. But then, so do a lot of contemporary parameters. Ritual has always been a part of life and would continue to be so. It is only the “content” of rituals that change.
Closer observation shows that we have always been superstitious and even now are; only the modes of expression change.
But then, some of us are impulsively very judgemental and critical of rituals of yore without analysing or exploring it.
I had a personal experience which was very enlightening. My master insists on us offering gratitude to our parents through the “sastanga pranam” , falling absolutely flat on our stomach and touching their feet. I have always been resistive to “gestures”. Time and again, He would emphasize on its importance for the flow of Grace in our lives. I never used to do it.

A few months back, when I was enjoying “impediments” or blocks in key functional areas of my life, I just decided to give it a try. Inspite of my best efforts, an unseen wall used to block progress in key areas of my life.

I started offering “gratitude” to my departed father as a manas pooja and started doing the full namaskaram to my mother every morning as i started my day. For the last few years, I have also been more and more aware of the constant “judgement” I pass on her. While I have not eliminated this totally from my system, it has shown a marked improvement. I am able to accept her as she is much more.
And as my acceptance levels increase, I see the flood of grace flow more and more. My efforts bear more fruit.
I would request each one of you to try this. It may seem very awkward at first. But, take my word for it, it is a universal healer for manifold problems in our life.Irrespective of how different our parents perceptions maybe from ours, we have no right to judge them.
We can still retain our spaces…and take personal decisions where they matter….but our parents are a key medium for the flow of Grace in our lives….

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