The Oneness University…

generic point of view

I have been often asked in what way the teachings of the various masters are different or varied…they sound similar most of the time.

My understanding is thus….

Concepts abound in the universe. As many people, so many concepts.Some may appeal to us, some don’t….

We naturally find a comfort zone in different concepts, dependant on so many parameters.

For me, the difference is in the ability to really experience and to be alive to our truths.

For me , The Oneness University has facilitated this.

It has opened my eyes to the fact that real “experiencing” is our natural state of being. And enabled my journey towards the ability to “experience” in realms beyond my conditioned mind.

i dont think i am still “there” all the time. But I have had moments of rare insights and “experience”, very mystical. No judgements, no labels, just pure , unadulterated “experience”.

And my observations around the university have shown the vast diversity of ideas and concepts..different emergences…but a common thread, of integrity and oneness…an acceptance of the fact that someone can have a total divergence of view and yet be right from his “perspective”. When we see everything as a concept,dependent on assumptions and frame of reference, paradoxes rest at peace.
For me, as I see it today, both an atheist and a believer can be deeply spiritual…..absence of conflict within is the key….

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