Vishu…a festival of abundance…

generic wishes

Indian tradition has the local new years, generally a celebration of abundance and plenty in our harvests…Today is Vishu, the traditional new year day of Kerala, from where I hail…We keep a spread of all pulses, rice, fruit , vegetables, gold and silver, family heirlooms etc in front of a mirror and our deities overnite and view it with sleepy eyes first thing in the morning in all its abundance, praying for abundance to flood all our lives and those of everyone.The elders in the family offer us Vishu Kani, a small cash offering as a “shagun” blessing us with the flow of abundance all through the year and thanking the Almighty for Grace.
I share this blessings and prayers with each one of you. May love, joy and abundance flood each of your lives, this moment and forever.
God Bless!!!

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