a criminal is born…


Raju hurried out of the hospital.The conversation with the doctor had shattered him.His mother could survive but she needed a surgery which would cost over 2.5 lacs.With his job as a helper in a private company and her savings as a maid servant with over 25 years experience, he had managed to buy a slum house for himself in Mumbai.It was all of their life-savings that went into the project.

And now , this crisis. His mom was not very old; 56 years.And he wanted to do his best for her. All his options to get a loan were exhausted too.

The conflict raged on as he was suddenly swarmed by the cacaphony of a brass band playing the latest movie tunes.A marriage baraat was on it’s way.People were decked from head to feet in gold and silver.

The sight was blinding.

A thought crossed Raju’s mind.A single necklace could help solve his problems and give his mother a fresh lease of life.

The thought overpowered him. Fear was thrown to the winds…
And he snatched a necklace off a lady’s neck and vanished into the crowd.

A criminal was born….a routine happening…

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