seeds of conditioning….

fiction insights

The telephone rang.Gaurav, all of 6 years, lifted it. His father beckoned silently to him; “do not indicate I am there”….

The same father, who otherwise extolled him the virtues of honesty.

Gaurav experienced a conflict…

he was learning about the fickleness of life and the concepts that come into play there.

the seeds of conflict sown would stay with him for life…



  1. Anonymous 13/09/2006 6:43 PM

    hmm, maybe the father’s idea of honesty is more practical and situational, something the 6 year old is yet to be exposed to…even Krishna extolled and implemented the practical truth…

    And, thanks for linking to my space! 🙂

  2. Anonymous 13/09/2006 6:45 PM

    oops…not anonymous, phoenix!

  3. Sundar 13/09/2006 6:49 PM

    tx phoenix…i agree with is a non-judgemental observance…of a routine happening…

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