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fiction from here and there insights

Rachel looked at the necklace she received as a gift from Rakesh.It was Rakesh’s parting gift to her as he was leaving for a foreign assignment. Their affair was now over 5 months old and she thought it was the best part of her life.Not only was their physical intimacy very fulfilling, their conversations beyond made her feel valued and respected.

This was a far cry from her dry marriage at home. She was in a golden cage, wife to the CEO of a very successful multi-national. She was a prop for her husband, his arm candy at social and professional parties; he loved showing her off; she was no mean beauty and could carry herself off with ease in his socially conscious circles.

Deep down, she was dead; a keyed up doll expected to perform for her husband once a while.

Rakesh , whom she met in an internet chat room, came as a whiff of fresh air.He gave her life and a way out of her chronic boredom.She used to meet Rakesh with a carefully created alibi each time.

And now, Rakesh was leaving town.

Suddenly, her hand phone rang. It was Archit, her husband.A routine formality, both players playing their expected roles to perfection.

Soon, she had to create an explanation for this expensive necklace.
She went to her routine jeweller and set up an arrangement with him to call up her place with a gift arrangement. She would have her husband collect it and feign surprise.
All perfectly manipulated and planned.( Don’t we all do it when any need of the mind consumes us? we manipulate, tell lies and do so many things to achieve our objective).
Only , this time there was a snag. Her husband called her to office to show her the surprise he had collected from the jewellers.
The box had a small ring in it. She was livid within, thinking the jeweller had taken her for a ride. Masking herself well ( are we all not great experts at this) , she left his cabin. She went to the reception and dialled the jeweller. His number was unavailable. As she was dialling , she observed the receptionist’s neck. Around that neck was the same necklace.Rachel appreciated it and enquired of her where she had got it from. The receptionist replied that it was a recent gift from her boyfriend.
The truth dawned on Rachel…………………Her hubby had given it to his girl….
The power of thought….what we give to life comes back to us and more often than not manifold.
Rachel was cheating on her husband only to find the tables reversed on her.
I meet a lot of people who cite infidelity problems from their spouse. As we explore, we find that they have cheated on their parents during courtship – sounds familiar ? – project work, extra classes and so many other excuses to enable dates…while our dear parents feel that we are working so hard….
somewhere , everything comes back to us in accordance with the principles of karma and then it is not acceptable….
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, thunders Sri Bhagavan.
Would serve us well to put it in practice…

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