osho humour – the world changeth….


perspectives change with time….once upon a time people used to hide their playboy magazines within annual reports or the bible…today it is the other way round..people hide their bibles inside their playboys!!!!!!!!!
inspirations from Osho


  1. Anonymous 18/06/2008 11:08 AM

    Excellent. The world has progressed so much since the Dark Ages. I’d much rather prefer my children reading Playboy than the Bible.

  2. Sundar 18/06/2008 12:10 PM

    tsk tsk..u r missing the entire point.It is not a comment on what is being read; it is a comment what ppl feel ashamed of and try to hide…ppl are most welcome to their choices…

  3. Rune "The Elf" Walsh 30/06/2008 8:35 PM

    I think I (and I’m sure many other people) would be happy to live in a world where people are ashamed to read the Bible more than Playboy.

    This will interest you:

    An atheist student group trading bibles for porn in San Antonio.

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