liberation – a necessity….


given the degree of uncertainty in our lives and our general groping in the dark for the most basic of things, i perceive liberation and declutching to be a fundamental need in our lives, not a past-time pursuit or a hobby as spiritual pursuits seem to have become of late.
Our ignorance of basic principles of life which govern us is astonishing. We equip ourselves with skills to live with but seem to have really nothing worthwhile to live for.
Most of us are very knowledgeable but hardly intelligent.
Our entire lives are an escape from our intrinsic boredom. We want to keep ourselves occupied.
But keeping ourselves occupied does not fill us, nourish us.The emptiness only expands.
and we wear our masks, pretending to smile and laugh while our hearts are heavy…
The fundamental meaninglessness and boredom is crying for addressal, we are afraid to pause and see.We would like to occupy ourselves , escape from the void and find meaning in various things.
But then, the momentary diversions flatter to deceive…we are soon back to square one, seeking new toys/activities to hide behind…
The fundamental pain deep within us persists…
Liberation is the answer, de-clutching from the mind, the need of the hour….
Let us awaken to our basic realities hidden behind our elaborate masks….

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