Today and yesterday, a very close friend of mine, an old spiritual seeker has been spending extended time with me for the addressal of a personal problem.
A few years back, the same problem had crippled him and disrupted his personal and family life threatening to rupture his core relationships.
He had managed his situation then.
But the suffering lingered only to resurface recently.
Is it not true of many of our lives that so many of us brush off uncomfortable situations of our lives under the carpet, only to see them resurface at inopportune moments.
We manage our sufferings by running away from their apparent causes.This is only a cosmetic redressal.
We need to face our real situations and our lives on an as is where is basis and accept our realities.
Acceptance is the foremost aspect of healing while denial is the strengthening of the very forces we try to overcome.
Let us see our lives and the patterns that characterize it. Events occur to enable our patterns and conditionings to surface.
Let us breathe the air of freedom.


  1. shanks 02/08/2008 10:58 PM

    Interesting thought…i always wondered, isnt acceptance and denial 2 sides of the same coin…with acceptance of one reality is the denial of another….

  2. Sundar 08/08/2008 8:58 PM

    tx shanks.

    facts are facts and beyond perceptions..and surfacing is an essential part of the liberation process…

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