Sri Bhagavan on love – repost

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Q.) Bhagavan, could you please explain what is true Love? SRI BHAGAVAN: “OK. Before understanding what is true love let us know what is the current state of man. Today, basically most of you are beggars of love. You want others to show you love. You don’t give love. What you think is love, is […]

Grace flows…

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In one of my earliest encounters with Sri Bhagavan in erstwhile Satyaloka, I was attending a process in the Mukti Mandap. Bhagavan , in those days used to be sitting in an adjacent room on a rocking chair, physically following up on the progress of the participants. As the process was underway, a close friend […]

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Prayers and wishes for learning in life to all of you. Happy Saraswati Pooja! Happy Dassera!!!! This is a picture of teh traditional Devi installed at home.It is made on coconut and plastered with turmeric and sandal paste.Thanks to my friend, Manoj Chellapan who made this .