Sri Bhagavan on love – repost

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Q.) Bhagavan, could you please explain what is true Love? SRI BHAGAVAN: “OK. Before understanding what is true love let us know what is the current state of man. Today, basically most of you are beggars of love. You want others to show you love. You don’t give love. What you think is love, is […]


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Have you noticed that fear only occurs before an event , never during. One is afraid of crossing the road, but once one starts, one just moves across. Fear can paralyze us into withdrawal and inaction. The fear of failure, the fear of being rejected, the fear of losing and so many.Fear is intrinsic to […]

Art and the Postmaster

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As a person with a 25-year plus footprint both in NGO/CSR space and artiste/event creation and management space, I have been privileged to meet fascinating people and hear fascinating anecdotes which I believe should be shared as much as possible to convey the spirit, the inherent art in the vast Indian psyche. One person who […]