Can we do something, together?

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The status of the elderly in today’s society is pathetic. The need to feel needed is an important human need for a dignified life and they are becoming increasingly irrelevant in this context. I see this as an increasing kind of abuse where an entire class of people is becoming irrelevant. Their conventional social roles […]



Don’t think anybody would oppose anything that works on black money. But not factoring in the impact on marginalized and grossly under-privileged sections is just not done.The impact on rural areas and their inhabitants is huge. It is gonna take some while for a large part of our country to recover.

spiritual anchoring


We are spiritual beings going towards a human experience, not the other way around. Life is designed to be exploratory , to get into experiences . The mind has a need for certainty but it also has a need for variety. They are conflicting intrinsically. The mind more often than not takes us towards security […]